Anglers Loop or Perfection Loop – Quick Release Version

Angler's Loop

How to Tie the Angler’s Loop

The Angler’s Loop also known as the Perfection Loop, is an extremely easy loop knot to tie. The Anglers Loop can also be slipped, thereby making it a very quick loop knot to untie.

According to Geoffrey Budworth, from The Knot Book. He says that the Angler’s Loop may sound as though it is a knot used solely for fishing, but this is an exceptional loop knot that anyone may find useful. It also states that the Perfection Loop also holds well if tied in bungee cord, whereas other knots may wriggle free. I would suggest though if you plan on taking up bungee jumping, then maybe take advice from a site that is dedicated to knots used for that purpose.

The Angler’s Loop also works well with slippery synthetic ropes. So with a name like Perfection Loop, maybe this is one knot to learn and add to your repertoire of knots.

The Angler’s Loop does have a bit of a reputation for jamming, if the knot is heavily loaded. Perhaps with the slipped version, this makes it easier to untie? Please tell me in the comments below how you dealt with this.

How to Tie the Angler’s Loop Video

In this video you will just get the knot and no other chit chat with it. If you want more information, then click on the next video that will also include how to make a Slipped Version of the Angler’s Loop.

How to Tie the Perfection Loop Video

In this more friendly chit chat video, not only will you learn how to tie the Perfection Loop, but also how to tie the slipped version.

What is the Angler's Loop Used For?

The Angler’s Loop, also known as the Perfection Loop, is used if you want to put a fixed loop in the end of fine line, or a in the end of a slippery line.

Angler’s Loop or Perfection Loop – Non Slipped Version


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