Hanson Knot

Hanson Loop Knot

How to Tie the Hanson Loop Knot

The Hanson Loop Knot is an excellent knot to learn, if you want to tie a loop in the end of a line. The Hanson Knot has a good reputation for being a good secure loop knot. It is easy to tie and also untie, even if the loop has been fairly heavily loaded. In the past the Hanson Loop knot was taught to Boy Scouts, but it would seem it fell out of favour as the Bowline seemed to be more popular. I am not sure if the Bowline was actually any better, but I personally like the fact that the working end runs parallel to the standing part when the knot is complete.

Hanson Knot or the Hanson Loop Knot

The Hanson Loop Knot starts off as a simple Overhand Knot. At this point you can decide how big you want your final loop to be, by simply moving the overhand knot up and down the line. The next step is to pass the working end down through the middle of the Overhand Knot, you will see that you have now created a Slip Knot. Then the working end is passed over the Standing Part, then underneath so the the working end comes up through the middle of the Overhand Knot. Finally the working end is passed over and then under the two turns, so that the working end is coming out parallel to the Standing Part.

What is an Alternative to the Bowline?

Even though the Bowline is well known, sometime there is a need for an alternative. The Hanson Knot or the Hanson Loop Knot is a very good alternative to the Bowline. The Perfection Loop could also be considered, if you are looking for an alternative to the Bowline.

How to Tie the Hanson Loop Knot Video

In this Hanson Knot video tutorial, you will learn just how to tie the knot without any excessive chit chat.

Other Loop Knots worth Considering

There are a number of different loop knots that you may also want to consider (click on each one to visit that page. The Bowline, The Perfection Loop, The Zeppelin Loop, The Carrick Loop, Double Dragon Loop. I am sure that there are others worth of the task………………

What is your Favourite Loop Knot?

Let me know in the comments what your favourite loop knot is? For me, I always seem to go for the Imitation Slipped Bowline.


Hanson Knot — 2 Comments

  1. Sorry, but I strongly believe that what you have pictured should be called the “Hanson Inverse Loop.” A better loop knot has the free end and the standing part switched, and should be called the “Hanson Loop.” See Knotting Matters, Issue 84 (2004) for this better loop. The fault lies with the BSA publication, “Knots and How to Tie Them”, where the version you have was given first and the one I like better was given as a “variation” with some of the diagrams rotated so that it is very hard to tie this second variation. You can also look directly at the original patent application, where Alden Hanson gave five different ways to tie this “Hanson Loop.” United States Patent: 4711476 (uspto.gov) He also gives the version you have.

    This better variation is more like a Bowline because is has a “nipping loop.” My favorite method for tying it is fifth method given in the patent document shown in Figures 20-21.

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