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Backhand Hitch – One of The Best Securing Knots — 4 Comments

  1. Regarding to the backhand hitch: a really cool knot. I like to tie this with the gnat hitch instead of the two half hitches. So there is no chance of slipping or loosening…


  2. I use and like this knot a lot. However, I’ve modified it slightly for ease of use (the half hitches are a pain to tie with a long working end and are hard to untie whilst maintaining control over the load) and to meet my use-dependent needs.

    In all cases, I replace the first half hitch with a slipped half hitch (ABK-1822).

    If I am using the knot to secure a heavy load that I will be lowering myself, I replace the second half hitch with a second half hitch tied with the bight/loop formed by the first.

    If I’m using the knot to anchor off my safety line, I replace the second half hitch by tying on a Prusik which is also anchored. This allows me to be lowered safely in case I get jammed up.

    In both cases, the long working end remains coiled on the ground/hook.

    Hope you find this useful.

    Doug D.

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