Camel Hitch

How to Tie the Camel Hitch

How to Tie the Camel Hitch

Have you ever wondered how you tie up a slobbering unruly camel? Well maybe the Camel Hitch could be the exact knot that you are looking for. The great thing about the Camel Hitch is that it is secure, easy to tie and easy to untie, even if the camel has slobbered all over it! #LetsGetKnotting

What is the Camel Hitch Used For?

Other than the obvious as mentioned above, I think that this particular knot would also make a great starting knot for securing loads etc. Many people use the Clove Hitch as the starting knot when securing loads, but sometimes you may want something a little more secure. In my initial testing of the Camel Hitch, it would seem that it is rather a secure knot, even if there is no load, the Camel Hitch does not appear to shake loose. Obviously the initial tightening and dressing of the knot is essential.

As the Camel Hitch is easy to tie, untie, and secure even if the rope is wet an slippery. With these qualities, maybe this is a good knot to remember, and that is not too difficult either.

How to Tie the Camel Hitch #Shorts Video

For those of you that like a quick and short video on how to tie the Camel Hitch, then this is the video for you. If not, scroll down and the longer video will be there.

How to Tie the Camel Hitch Video with Slow Motion

In this video, I will demonstrate how to tie the Camel Hitch, which will be followed with the knot being tied again in slow motion:

What are You Using the Camel Hitch for?

Let me know in the comments section below, what applications you are using the Camel Hitch for? For more detailed version on How to Tie the Clove Hitch.

The Camel Hitch Ashley’s Book of Knots Says:

ABoK 215 – Camel Hitch. The camel is the most ruminative of animals, and he slobbers constantly while he ruminates, particularly on his Picket-Line Hitch, which he believes is provided for the purpose. His knot is always sopping, but it has been very nicely planned; and so, wet or dry, it is never difficult to untie and it does not slip in either direction.

Camel Hitch

Camel Hitch #LetsGetKnotting


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