Eskimo Bowline

How to Tie Eskimo Bowline

The Eskimo Bowline is another way of tying a fixed loop at the end of a rope. The Eskimo Bowline is relatively easy to tie and untie.

Eskimo Bowline Advantages

Some of the advantages of the Eskimo Bowline are that this loop knot is preferred by many if the loop will be stretched wide. It is also said that the Eskimo Bowline is less likely to shake loose. Like with all knots, always make sure that it is dressed and tightened correctly in order to resist coming loose through constant movement.

How to Tie the Eskimo Bowline

The Eskimo Bowline is not too dissimilar to the Bowline. With the Bowline the knot is tied around the standing end, but with the Eskimo Bowline the knot it tied around the loop itself.

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How to Tie the Eskimo Bowline Video

In this short video you will learn how to tie the Eskimo Bowline.

Bowline Knots

If you have ever wondered how many different Bowlines there are I have put together a list of different Bowlines. I you find that I may have missed one, or you consider some others should be added to the collection, then please do let me know in the comments below.

What is the Eskimo Bowline Used For?

Should you require a loop at the end of a rope where the loop will be stretch wide, then the Eskimo Bowline is the preferred loop knot to use. Also the Eskimo Bowline is more resistant to shaking loose than other lesser loop knots


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  1. “Eskimo” is a word that should really not be used anymore, it’s an offensive term for those people, whom we no call by the same name as they have always called themselves: Inuit

    • It might cause unnecessary confusion regarding this knot if the name were adjusted to accommodate overly sensitive politically correct peoples. Just as referring to “things” as Oriental is acceptable perhaps referring to a knot as “Eskimo” is equally acceptable. And of course a person’s intent should be acknowledged.

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