Capstan Knot

How to Tie the Capstan Knot

The Capstan Knot works in the same way as the Crabber’s Knot, when it is first tied it is a Noose Knot. Once you have adjusted the size of the loop that you require, a sharp tug will lock the loop and you then have a fixed loop on the end of your line. For those that enjoy learning different knots, you may want to see How to Tie the Crabber’s knot to compare them?

Capstan Knot

So far in testing the Capstan Knot, I have found that when this knot is a noose knot, it does not slip as easily as the Crabber’s Knot. Mind you having said that, I am still messing about with both knots. If you have some experience in using the Crabber’s Knot and the Capstan Knot, then please do let me know in the comment below how you got on with them.

How to Tie the Capstan Knot Video

So if you are looking for a Noose Knot that can also be a Fixed Loop Knot, then have a look at this video. In this video tutorial, you will just learn how to tie the knot. I have also included a How to Tie the Capstan Knot in Slow Motion. Sometimes you really need to just follow slowly and gently when learning to tie a knot.

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