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Hanson Knot — 2 Comments

  1. Sorry, but I strongly believe that what you have pictured should be called the “Hanson Inverse Loop.” A better loop knot has the free end and the standing part switched, and should be called the “Hanson Loop.” See Knotting Matters, Issue 84 (2004) for this better loop. The fault lies with the BSA publication, “Knots and How to Tie Them”, where the version you have was given first and the one I like better was given as a “variation” with some of the diagrams rotated so that it is very hard to tie this second variation. You can also look directly at the original patent application, where Alden Hanson gave five different ways to tie this “Hanson Loop.” United States Patent: 4711476 (uspto.gov) He also gives the version you have.

    This better variation is more like a Bowline because is has a “nipping loop.” My favorite method for tying it is fifth method given in the patent document shown in Figures 20-21.

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