The Hunter’s Bend or the Rigger’s Bend

Hunter's Bend

The Hunter’s Bend is also known as the Rigger’s Bend and looks very similar to the Zeppelin Bend.

Hunter’s Bend or Rigger’s Bend

What is the Hunter’s Bend Used For?

The Hunter’s Bend is a great little knot to know, should you need to join to slippery ropes together. However, one problem with the Hunter’s bend it that if it has been under heavy loading, it can be extremely difficult to undo. In some cases the actual Hunter’s Bend had to be cut! Perhaps in some cases the Zeppelin Bend would be a better option? How to Tie the Zeppelin Bend.

Is the Hunters Bend a Hunting Knot?

Sadly not a hunter’s knot, but named after Dr Edward Hunter?? So #LetsGetKnotting –

Hunter’s Bend is used in Knitting

Not being a knitter myself, but I have heard it said that the Hunter’s bend actually makes a good knot for joining lengths of yarn. As the Hunter’s Bend has the properties of being hard to untie when it has been loaded, makes it a good knot for knitters.

How to Tie the Hunter’s Bend or the Rigger’s Bend Video

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