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  1. Hi

    I am looking to source some cord, I have recently restarted knitting and am enjoying making key ting fobs and putting turk’s heads on anything in my house with a handle. Mikko Snellman seems to have gone off grid at the moment so I cant get any cord from him, I can get 3 mm man made fibre cord but I want to try hard laid cotton cord but I can’t find any, can you suggest anywhere who could supply me with some.

    Many thanks



    • Hello Clive, thanks for leaving a comment. I will contact Mikko and ask point him in the direction of this post.

      Kind regards, John

      • Yes, he said that owing to circumstances beyond his control, he was unable to complete any orders at this moment in time, and that he was not completing orders in the near future. Regards


  2. I ordered some cordage and a couple of fids from mikko on the 22/06/2019 and he acknowledged the order but I heard nothing more. Early August, I enquired how the order was going and has told that he was not going to complete any orders at the moment.



        • Nothing worse than really looking forward to getting hold of something and it falls through!! I personally got my tools from PJ in the States, I have to say that the tools PJ made are excellent. On this page you will find PJ’s email address and there is also a chap called Lasse that makes wonderful tools also: http://igkt-solent.co.uk/knotting-tools-video/

          I also have a Myerching knife that has a Marlin Spike and I have to say the knife is superb (also a great blank canvas for scrimshaw).

          As for getting hold of cordage, this is still rather a problem in the UK. If I find a good supplier, I will let you know. What part of the country are you in?

          Regards, John

          • Oh, I forgot to say that I am in east kent, on the coast, literally on the cliff top near Dover castle.



          • I have just left a message with Master Ropemaker’s in Chatham Dockyard to see what small stuff they do. Will let you know if they are worth contacting…………

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