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  1. G’Day Mate
    After 20 years in the Royal Australian Navy and one of the last Seaman Branch sailors to do the full 12 week seamanship course, I now find myself looking back to the times we used real rope and sailor skills some of which were the art of knot tying. I have set myself the task of making a sailors ditty bag to selabrate my 20 year anavesary of leaving the RAN, it appeals to my inner sailor and all that the bag represents and the work that goes into it. This has opened up a deeper desire to get back into rope work and knot tying. I have found your blog and this section on tools, my question is where did you get you bras and steel dif’s from or did you have them made.


    Best Regards

    • Oh mate, DON’T make a ditty bag!!! It hurts the fingers too much. Having said that though I have now made 3, the last one was leather and I gave blood to that one. The last time I was over your way was in 88 on the Ark Royal. I also lived in Penrith in the early 70’s as a boy, dad was army and had to fill the gap whilst your lot went to Nam. OK onto the tools; I only know of Mikko Snellman in EU and Peter Nelson who is States side (Mine are from Peter Nelson). Like everything else in the world of knotting, nothing is easy. It may also be worth contacting Philip Le Masurier, who is Sydney based, he may know someone more local? Let me know if you want to touch base with any of them and I will fire over some contact details for you? Nice meeting you Shippers! John

  2. In your video titled, “How to tie a Broach Knot” you show a tool that looks somewhat like a very large knitting needle.

    What is that tool? Where may I find one?

    Thank you.

    • Many thanks for your comment. I have just watched the video and the tool that you are referring to is a Marlin Spike. If you are in the States, PJ Nelson makes them. If you are based in the EU then Mikko Snellman is the go to person. You can also do an internet photo search and you may come up with other suppliers? If you want the contact details for one of the above, please let me know?

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