Mousing a Shackle

Tips and Tricks on Making a Shackle User Friendly

This is a guide on what you can do to a shackle to make a shackle more user friendly, and tips on what you can do for added security and peace of mind.

Instructions for the Safe Use of Shackles

Ensure that you are fully aware of the regulations with regards to the safe use of shackles! If tips and tricks shown below are used on shackles that will be used for critical loads, then do make sure you are conversant with the rules and regulations on using shackles.

Attaching a Lanyard to the Shackle and Pin

There is nothing worse than unscrewing the pin of a shackle only to end up dropping the pin. So, a rather nifty little trick is to attach a lanyard, tied at one end to the shackle and the other end to the shackle pin. I have personally found that the Poacher’s Noose does this job exceptionally well. The more weight that is put on the lanyard, the tighter the Poacher’s Noose grips the shackle or pin.

Shackle Lanyard using Poacher’s Noose

Mousing a Shackle Pin

If you are concerned that the pin of your shackle may work loose, then it may be a good idea to add some mousing from the hole on the end of the screw pin, to the body of the shackle itself. This can be done using a number of turns of twine. Often is a shackle is subject to vibration or constant movement, then mousing the shackle in this way, will prevent the pin from coming undone. The process of Mousing the Shackle Pin is the same process as Mousing a Shackle Body. Just put your turns through the eye of the pin and around the body of the shackle.

Mousing the Shackle Body

Mousing across from one side of the shackle body to the other will provide additional security. If there are times when the shackle will be permanently attached to say a rope or strop, then mousing the shackle body will prevent the shackle coming away from the rope or strop each time the shackle pin is removed.

Mousing a Shackle Body

How to Mouse a Shackle Video

In this Mousing the Shackle Video Tutorial, you will learn the following: Tying the Bale Sling Hitch, adding the turns around the shackle, adding Frapping Turns, adding Riding Turns and finally tying it all together with the Reef Knot.

Shackle Security Checks

When using any or all of the above methods, do check the security of your twine. If you find that any parts are starting to fray or come undone, then just make a new bit of mousing or lanyard. The above can also be done with using wire, but I think it looks better is using a nice quality or bright line.


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