Sack Knot

How to Tie Up a Bag

There is often a need to tie up the neck of a bag, but choosing the right knot for the job can be rather difficult. The problem is that some knots are just not up to the task of tying up a bag. Below I will show a couple of different knots that are best for tying up a bag.

How to Tie the Miller’s Knot

The Miller’s Knot is also known as the Sack Knot or the Bag Knot. However, in each case they are tied just a little bit different. For more information check Ashley’s Book of Knots 1241, 1242, 1243 and 1244. In the video I have selected the more secure version as a demonstration.

Sack Knots

How to Tie the Sack Knot Video

In this video tutorial, you will be shown how to tie the Sack Knot. Like many other knots, it is worth remembering that the finished knot can also be slipped, so if you need a quick release version of this knot, then just pass a bit through the final tuck rather than the working end.

How to Tie the Bag Knot Alternative

This version of tying the the Sack Knot or Bag Knot is not listed in Ashley’s Book of Knots (well, that I have seen so far). This is a rather different way of tying up the top of a bag. If you know a bit about knot tying, you will see that the sack knot is tied in a similar fashion to this video on How to Common Whipping the end of a Rope. With common whipping there are far more turns, but when the standing end is pulled, the top loop closes around the bight of the working end.

Sack Knot or Bag Knot

How to Tie Up a Bag Video

How to Lift a Sack with Rope

Whilst we are on the subject of tying up sack and bags, you may also be interested in this article on How to Lift a Sack with Rope.

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