Diamond Knot

Single Strand Diamond Knot

How to Tie the Single Strand Diamond Knot

I would say that once you have tied the Single Strand Diamond Knot a couple of times, then this is one decorative knot that you will not forget. The start of tying this Diamond Knot, basically consists of two overhand loops, where the second one partially crosses over the previous one. Then after that the working end weaves it’s way around a couple of times to form this knot. This knot is also known as Celtic Button Knot, Turks Head Knot or Chinese Button Knot.

Single Strand Diamond Knot

Decorative Knife Lanyard Knot

The Single Strand Diamond Knot also makes a great little knot to add to the ends of your knife lanyard. Once you have created a nice decorative knife lanyard, you often end up with two loose ends coming from the weave. These two end could then be finished off using the Single Strand Diamond Knot.

Ranger Beads Using the Single Strand Diamond Knot

I have previously done a post of making a Ranger Bead Lanyard, which uses the Single Strand Diamond Knot as a counter. If you are interested in this sort of thing, you may want to look at How to Make a Ranger Bead Lanyard. Not only is the Ranger Bead Lanyard decorative, but it is also a great way of keeping track of numbers or distance. So a rather useful tool! The beads if the lanyard are made in the same way, but the two ends are cut flush, just leaving the Diamond Knot.

How to Tie the Single Strand Diamond Knot Video

This is the longer video on how to tie the Celtic Knot.

How to Tie the Celtic Knot Video

This is the short and sweet version of tying the single strand Diamond Knot


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