Net Making – How to Make a Purse Net

Purse Net

How to Make a Purse Net

In my last video, it would appear that I made a mess of net making, according to the “Flat Cap Hunting” community. So they kindly sent me a shaped purse net making kit. So in this tutorial, I follow the net making instructions that are included in the purse net making kit. The purse net kit comprises of two netting needles, a net gauge, a shed load of net making cord, a drawstring, and also a full set of written instructions and a DVD. So watch me as I follow their instructions and make a complete a shaped purse net. The company does sell net making kits here by Fourteen Acres (click on link).

Net Making
Coloured and Natural Nets

Making a Net for Hunting and Trapping

From what I understand, the Purse Net is so called as it looks like an old style purse. The purse net is designed to fit over the hole of a rabbit underground burrow. When the rabbit tries to escape from its hole the rabbit runs into the net. The purse net has a draw string that tightens around the rabbit as it wriggles within the net. The drawstring is usually staked into the ground next to the rabbit hole. OK, that is how I believe it works, but I am sure that someone will put me right.

Making a Net For Storage Solutions

The Purse Net also makes a great net for storage solutions. When you make the Purse Net, you can hang it on a wall and then the net can be used as a form of storage. This net is really great in kids bedrooms as a storage for soft toys!

Purse Net Hammock for Storage
Purse Net Hammock for Storage (for my dog)

How to Make a Purse Net Video

In this Net Making Tutorial, you will learn how to make a shaped purse net. When making a Purse Net, there are three phases in tying the Purse Net. 1. Casting onto a ring. 2. Making the net. 3. Casting off onto a ring. It is very similar to making an ordinary net, except that it has rings at each and and the net can be shaped.

Net Making Book
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Netting Needles - Sometimes when you purchase these, they do need a little rub down with sand paper. Sometimes there is some rough casting residue to remove.
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Netting Twine
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What is a Purse Net?

A purse net is a shaped net usually used for covering a rabbit hole. The net is designed in such a way, so that when the rabbit runs into the net the net will fold around the rabbit and prevent it from escaping. Purse nets also make good hammocks for storing kids toys etc.

Shaped Purse Net


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