Net Making – How to Make a Fishing Net

Net Making Fishing

How to Make a Fishing Net

I have previously shown how to make a Shaped Net or a Purse Net, but in this short video I well demonstrate the process of making a rectangular net or how to make a fishing net. I used that specific twine, mainly for its thickness and colour, so that the viewer may find it a little easier to see the actual net knotting process.

Making a Net Shopping Bag

Here is a fine example of a net shopping bag made by Drenka Lorenzin. In the method shown he made his bag in the Round Net Making method. However there is no reason that a rectangular net can not be used to make a useful shopping bag.

Net Shopping Bag by Drenka Lorenzin

Net Making Tools

When Net Making, you really only need the following items; Net Gauge or Net Card, Netting Needle and of course a suitable netting twine for the specific task. Finally a hook of some kind to hang your net from.

Net Making Video Tutorial

Net Making Book
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Netting Needles - Sometimes when you purchase these, they do need a little rub down with sand paper. Sometimes there is some rough casting residue to remove.
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Netting Twine
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