Pile Hitch Fast Temporary Mooring to a Post

Pile Hitch

Pile Hitch Fast Temporary Mooring to a Post Can Also be Used as a Rope Barrier (Multi Post Method)

1194. The Pile Hitch (#1815) adapts itself very nicely to the purpose of a Crossing Hitch; it is easily tied and untied and is both strong and secure. 1815. A Pile Hitch may be easily and quickly tied either in the end or bight of a heavy line. It is remarkably secure and is easy to cast off when the left bight has been loosened by a single well-aimed kick. Recommended for medium and heavy lines. To tie: Lead a loop from either the end or centre of a line once around the post from either direction and under the standing part, then drop the loop over the post. To remove: When tied in the bight, slack off the line and force the left bight to the left and then lift the loop from the pile, or, if tied in the end, withdraw the end from under the bight, after which the knot may be unwound.

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