Racking Bend Joining Two Different Diameter Ropes

Racking Bend

What is the the Racking Bend Used For?

The Racking Bend is another way of joining two ropes of different sizes together. If you are looking for an alternative to the Sheet Bend, then maybe the Racking Bend is what you are looking for. You may or may not know, that there are a number of different ways of tying the Sheet Bend, that may also suit your needs. How to Tie the Sheet Bend. You may also want to consider the Simple Simon Bend that is here: How to Tie the Simple Simon Bend.

How to Tie the Racking Bend

The Racking Bend is a relatively easy bend to tie. You will see from the Racking Bend Video Instruction, how to tie the Racking Bend. You can improve on the security of the Racking Bend, by adding extra turns or weaves as you tie the bend.

Racking Bend

How to Tie the Racking Bend Video Tutorial

In the video below you will be give all the information you need to tie the racking bend.


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