Figure of Eight (Multiple)

Multiple Figure 8

Figure of Eight Knot (Multiple)

Although this particular knot does look like the Racking Bend, it is similar in its construction, but the Multiple Figure of Eight knot is purely a stopper knot, or a decorative termination on the end of a rope.

I recently came across this knot in The Art of Knotting and Splicing, Day, United States Naval Institute. This book is one of my favourites when it comes to practical knots. I find it rather strange though that this book was probably a reference book for knots used by the United States Navy. Yet they include this knot with the following description, ” 20. The Multiple Figure Eight Knot is tied as illustrated. It has not particular utility.” I really have to wonder why an instructional manual would include a knot that has no purpose? If you think you know why this knot was included, please do let me know in the comments below.

I personally do like the fact that it makes a decorative stopper knot. Also, I think this knot could be used as a decorative way of shortening a dog leash or something similar.

How to Tie the Multiple Figure of Eight Knot Video

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