Tow Rope

Tow Rope

How to Tie a Tow Rope for Short Hauls

In this tow rope tutorial, we will not be looking at making a standard tow rope for a vehicle. This method is designed to be attached to vehicle axles. What we are going to look at is how to tie a a quick and easy tow-rope short hauls. Firstly I would like to add a word of caution about this particular set up. It would appear to be a very quick and dirty way of towing something. I would certainly discourage people from using this knot for lifting of any kind! Even if used for short pulls, I would recommend using extreme caution. I think maybe, this particular tow-rope would be something to watch, but maybe not put into practice.

According to Ashley’s book of knots, this method of towing was devised by Captain Daniel F Mullins. It would appear that he needed some way of dragging heavy equipment on rollers on a wharf or jetty. The whole idea of being that the item could be towed a very short distance, the tow rope then untied, readjusted allowing the item to be manoeuvred much easier.

Tow Rope for Short Hauls

Almost any knot or hitch in heavy rope can be difficult to undo. Using this particular method has the advantage that, once the strain has been taken off the rope, it can be easily the repossession and adjusted the next pulling phase.

If you are looking for an alternative tow rope try How to Tie the Axle Hitch.

How to Tie Quick Tow Rope Video Tutorial

In this short video, I demonstrate how to tie this particular tow rope:

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