Figure of Eight Knot

How to Tie the Figure of Eight Knot

Figure of Eight Knot #LetsGetKnotting

From the Knot Book, written by Geoffrey Budworth and Nic Compton……“The essential knot to prevent a sheet of halyard running through a block, the figure-of-eight also forms the basis of many other fancier knots. It differs from an overhand knot in that the ends emerge from the knot parallel to each other, rather that at angles. It is so much less likely to seize up when tightened.”

What is the Figure of Eight Knot Used For?

The Figure of Eight Knot is often used as a stopper knot. It is less prone to jamming when loaded, compared to a simple overhand knot. Also if the Figure of Eight Knot has not been too heavily loaded, it is also easier to undo compared to the overhand knot. The Figure of Eight Knot, can also become a Figure of Eight Bend or a Figure of Eight Loop. Both of which are classed as good secure knots.

How to Tie the Figure of Eight Knot Video

In this Figure of Eight Video Tutorial you will learn how to tie the Figure of Eight Knot. You will also get some additional chat and information.


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