Turks Head Hat Band

Turks Head Hat Band

Multi Bight Turks Head Hat Band

Often we buy a really nice hat, but it can always do with that little extra decoration to personalise it! So why not make a lovely Multi Bight Endless Turks Head Hat Band?

The wonderful thing about this particular Turks head is that it can be made to fit any size hat. I have to say that the Turks Head is one of my favourite knots, not only is it decorative, but it can also be used in practical ways too.

How to Tie a Turks Head Band Around Your Hat

Learning to tie a Turks Head hat band is not too difficult. All you need is enough cordage and start off by making your Turks Head hat band slightly oversize. As you tighten up on your Turks Head hat band, it will gradually reduce in size. In the video tutorial, you will be following a simple weave pattern. Once you have got the hang of the pattern, it is just a matter of repeating that pattern over and over again. The end result will be that you have yourself a very smart and decorative Turks Head hat band.

How to Tie a Turks Head Hat Band Video

In this video you will be given full instructions on how to make the Turks Head Hat Band.

How to Tie a Turks Head Hat Band video

How to Tie a Turks Head Bracelet.

The same principle shown in the video can be used to make smaller Turks Head, perhaps you may want to make a Turks Head Bracelet. There is also a video here on Making a Turks Head Bracelet.


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