5 Bight 4 Lead Turks Head

Turks Head How to Tie

Tying a Turks Head on Your Hand

In this short video I will demonstrate how to tie a Turks Head using just your hands. There are a few different ways of tying a Turks Head, some of the ways involve using a Turks Head Jig. I would say, if you are tying a rather long and complex Turks Head, then maybe making a jig to suit would be useful.

Turks Head Mat or Turks Head Ring

The wonderful thing about the Turks Head is that the simpler ones can either be formed into something like a napkin ring, or can be laid flat to form a nice decorative Turks Head Rope Mat.

Turks Head Video 5 Bight 4 Lead

In this video I demonstrate how to tie a 5 x 4 Turks head on your hand.

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