Farrimond Friction Hitch

Farrimond Friction HItch

How to Tie the Farrimond Friction Hitch

The Farrimond Friction Hitch is extremely useful when a line may need to be periodically adjusted to maintain the tension on the line. It is often used in the Bushcraft world for ridge lines to hang tarpaulins. It is often used with an Evenk hitch at one end and then the Farrimond Friction Hitch at the other end.

The Wonderful thing about the Farrimond Friction Hitch is that it is extremely easy to tie. Once tied and dressed properly, the Farrimond Friction Hitch can easily be adjusted to tension or slacken off a line. The hitch is adjusted by gripping the knot and moving it along the length of the line. When there is tension on the line, the Farrimond Friction Hitch grips extremely tightly.

Farrimond Friction Hitch

Farrimond Friction Hitch Video Tutorial

Here is a brief little video instruction I did on tying the Farrimond Friction Hitch.

Farrimond Friction Hitch Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to the Farrimond Friction Hitch, then it may be well worth you having a look at How to Tie the Midshipman’s Loop. The Midshipman’s Loop is also knot as the Taut Line Hitch. The Midshipman’s Loop is similar in the way that it works, but is tied a little different. I would say, that the Midshipman’s Loop gives you more control of how much tension is applied to each turn of the line as you are tying it.


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  2. Thank you. I enjoy your videos. Regarding the Farrimond Hitch, the photo on the cover of the video looks to be a different rope and a different knot than the one you demonstrate in the video. I’m trying to find the name of the knot pictured. Are they they same? Can you please clarify? Thanks in advance.

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