Whipping the End of a Rope (Colour)

Sailmakers Whipping 2 Colour

How to Tie Two Colour Sailmaker’s Whipping

A little while ago I was casually browsing eBay for more supplies. More often than not, I go in search of old rope. The main reason for this is, that sometimes one can find a nice little bargain in end of life rope. However, on my last visit I decided to look up whipping twine. In the past I have gone for the more traditional Tarred Whipping line, but this time coloured whipping twine attracted my attention.

One problem that I have with purchasing new rope or cordage, is that it is always nice to feel the product first. As I was browsing eBay, I notice that the area code (telephone) for one of the companies was really close to me. It turns out that the Whipping Twine I had my eye on was so close to me, it needed a visit!

My visit to the shop turned out to be a rather lovely morning out, as they were also next to a sailmaker’s. I was greeted with a friendly smile and given a guided tour of the stores. There was a lot of canvas type stuff and also modern ropes. But in amongst it all was a nice selection of Whipping Twine.

Well the long and the short of it all, was that I left with a couple of rolls of Port and Starboard (Red and Green) Whipping Twine.

Matthew Walker and Two Coloured Sailmaker’s Whipping

How to Tie Two Colour Common Whipping

My first little project was to use both colours of Whipping Twine at the same time on natural rope. In the past I have always used black tarred line. This time though, I wanted to see what coloured twine looked like on the end of a natural rope.

Common Whipping 2 Colour

Here is an example of 2 colour common whipping on the end of natural rope: Using two different colours of whipping twine did pose a couple of problems. Firstly, trying not to get the lines crossed as I wrapped the rope. Then secondly, controlling two strands rather than one gave me the odd little setback. However, I think that is mainly because I am a bit of a hand-fisted oaf.

Personalised Whipping on the End of a Rope

Once you have mastered the basics of whipping the end of a line, you could customise your rope even further. The image below is the work of Premium Ropes. Click on the link to see what products they have to offer. So if you have a favourite team, then why not make the end of your rope smarter than the competition?

Coloured Whipping Rope End by Premium Ropes

How to Tie Common Whipping Video

Sailmaker’s Whipping

Have mastered the art of Common Whipping, I decided to see what effect two colour whipping would have when doing Sailmaker’s Whipping. Well, here is a photo of just that, you decide if you like coloured whipping in the end of a natural rope?

How to Tie Sailmaker’s Whipping Video

Sailmakers Whipping 2 Colour
Whipping Twine
Whipping Twine is often used for preventing the ends of ropes from fraying. I have also used some for net making
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