Eye Splice

Eye Splice

Eye Splice 3 Strand Rope

The strongest way of putting a loop into the end of a rope is to put in an eye splice. If you take a look at the Strength of Knot Chart you will see just how high the Eye Splice ranks in terms of strength. Providing that you want to put a permanent eye in the end of the rope, then eye splice is perfect for this job.

How to Eye Splice a Rope

Putting in eye splice into a rope is not too difficult. The hardest part is ensuring that the three strands are correctly aligned against the adjacent part of the rope. I personally start with the middle strand and tuck that under the top strand of the adjacent part of rope. I then struck the left-hand strand, turn the work over and took the right hand strand. Once all three strands have been tucked, I then rotate the rope to ensure that all three strands are exciting the rope at equal points.

At first, you may consider the eye splice a little bit daunting, once you have completed your first one, you will find it a doddle.

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