Eye Splice

Eye Splice

Eye Splice 3 Strand Rope

The strongest way of putting a loop into the end of a rope is to put in an eye splice. If you take a look at the Strength of Knot Chart you will see just how high the Eye Splice ranks in terms of strength. Providing that you want to put a permanent eye in the end of the rope, then eye splice is perfect for this job.

How to Eye Splice a Rope

Putting in eye splice into a rope is not too difficult. The hardest part is ensuring that the three strands are correctly aligned against the adjacent part of the rope. I personally start with the middle strand and tuck that under the top strand of the adjacent part of rope. I then struck the left-hand strand, turn the work over and took the right hand strand. Once all three strands have been tucked, I then rotate the rope to ensure that all three strands are exciting the rope at equal points.

At first, you may consider the eye splice a little bit daunting, once you have completed your first one, you will find it a doddle.

How to Eye Splice a Rope Video

Eye Splicing a Rope

The Sailor’s Eye Splice

Sailor's Eye Splice

Sailor’s Eye Splice ABoK 2725

This is what Ashley’s Book of Knots says about the Sailor’s Eye Splice: “2725. The Sailor’s Eye Splice. Form the eye and spread the strands away from you fanwise, placing them against the rope where it is to be entered. Untwist the rope one half turn, open the top or center bight with a small fid, and stick the center strand under the center bight from right to left, then stick the left strand under the next bight to the left in the same direction and lastly stick the right strand, from right to left, under the remaining bight. After this, tuck all strands once more, over one and under one. Trim the ends at a length equal to one diameter of the rope. ”

Swedish Fid for Splicing

Often when splicing a rope, as Swedish fid is used to assist in the process. The Swedish Fid is passed under that strands of the main rope, the hollowed out section then allows the loose strand to be easily passed under the main strands:

USA Swedish Fid
UK Swedish Fid

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