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Net Making for Beginners — 24 Comments

  1. Very good, Thank you very much for the videos…

    I have a question for you..

    I want to make a rectangular net, with 4×4 meshes to catch raptors, how many knots (Loop ) should I make to give it the height of 3 feet( 36 Inch ) which is what I want?.


    Javier C.

  2. Absolutely brilliant tutorials, really helped me a lot. I’m not sure what I currently prefer, making nets or netting needles😁

    • You have just reminded me, that I really ought to have a go at making my own netting needles. I would like to think that over time and making a few nets, they will end up with a lovely polished patina. Thanks for taking the time to view and also make a comment, very much appreciated.

  3. Hi

    Great demo.

    I am having trouble when casting on. The clove hitch tends to loosen when I am working around the metal ring. This is also aggravated because earlier loops start to rotate around the ring as I pull a new loop tight on the ring.
    I have tried putting an extra lock-off on each clove hitch (as was done on the last lock-off of the first row) – but this comes loose because the whole knot is not in tension.
    Is there another knot that can be used instead that can be used.

    John Beamish

    • Hello John, I think it may be the type of twine that your are using. Even with the stuff that I used, I do sometimes get a bit of slippage on the knot when casting on. I personally dress it as best I can as I go along. Once I get to doing the next row, the tension seems to sort them out to the right length. I am not sure if there is another knot that can be used (well, that I know of). Part of the problem may be that the rings are so smooth, I wonder if spraying them with a bit of hair spray before hand, would make them more tacky for a short period?

      Thanks for taking the time to make a comment, very much appreciated.

      Kind regards, John

  4. How to calculate the twine length needed if netting a 2000 mm x 1000 mm net with 60 mm x 60 mm loops? I intend to use elastic cords to have a large net pocket under the hard top of a boat.

    • You will always look at it and be proud that you repaired your net!! Thanks for taking the time to view and also make a comment, very much appreciated.

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  6. Fine tutorial. Making the round net in order to harvest my catfish. Generous of you to take the time to create the tutorial.

      • In the circular net tutorial you double-lock each loop. That is not done in the fishing net tutorial. Do you recommend a double-lock for that net as well?

        Once again, thanks for a fine, clear tutorial.

        • When I first started out, my lack of skills caused me to accidentally create slip knots in my net. This is the only reason that I sometimes did the double knot method. You can use the single method of you prefer. Thanks for taking the time to view and also make a comment, very much appreciated.

          • I’m still working on my seine net in order to harvest catfish from my pond. It will measure approximately 4′ deep and 20′ wide. The dowel method you use in the tutorial to gather all the first-row loops proved cumbersome. So I took another approach.

            Strip of wood 3/4″ x 1″ x 30″. I placed screws at 1″ intervals, leaving the heads to protrude by 1 1/2″. I then slip a first-row loop over each screw. Clamp the wood strip to my workbench. This way the loops are well separated. Makes my ‘stitchery’ more orderly and pleasant.

            Question : I am using #24 3-strand seine line. Do you have any suggestion about splicing this sort of line?

            Once again, thanks for a very good tutorial.

    • Hello Bill, just load up a new netting needle and then tie the end to your last bit of twine, then just carry on. You can of course change colours when making a net to make it even fancier. Regards, John.

  7. Hi,
    One of the best tutorials ever!

    Just wondering why, on the setup of an extra loop in the hunting/hammock net, you only do the single lock up knot.

    Best regards,

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