Net Making Knots Close-up

Net Making Knots

2 Net Making Knots I Use

When I first started Net Making, I used to use the sheet bend method of tying the mesh. However, I found that sometime when I used this method for net making, I found that sometime my net came out crooked and wrong. I really did not know why, it appeared that some of the knots just kept on slipping. Eventually, Dave Warlow hinted at what I was doing wrong and also showed me the double lock method. Both of which are shown in this video, also in close up so that you can see where I used to go wrong.

Natural and Coloured Nets

Natural and Coloured Nets

 Sometimes, I have received comments asking why I use the double lock method over the sheet bend method. Well for me, but double lock method prevented the slipknot forming at the bottom of the mesh. So I think if you are starting out in net making, the double lock method gives you less of an opportunity to mess up your net. With a bit of practice the sheet bend method can quite quickly been mastered, providing you pinch the netting twine in the correct place.

This brief little video demonstrates the 2 knots that I use and also show the mistake that I was constantly making:

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Net Making Knots Close-up — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Mr. Johnny, I have seen the Simple Simon Bend Under used in net making but you have not talked about it… ¿have you experimented with it?.

    When netting I remember “1,2,1” or “Left, Both, Rigth”.

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