Net Making – How to Make a Purse Net

Purse Net

How to Make a Purse Net

In my last video, it would appear that I made a mess of net making, according to the “Flat Cap Hunting” community. So they kindly sent me a shaped purse net making kit. So in this tutorial, I follow the net making instructions that are included in the purse net making kit. The purse net kit comprises of two netting needles, a net gauge, a shed load of net making cord, a drawstring, and also a full set of written instructions and a DVD. So watch me as I follow their instructions and make a complete a shaped purse net.

Net Making

Coloured and Natural Nets

Net for Hunting and Trapping

From what I understand, the Purse Net is so called as it looks like an old style purse. The purse net is designed to fit over the hole of a rabbit underground burrow. When the rabbit tries to escape from its hole the rabbit runs into the net. The purse net has a draw string that tightens around the rabbit as it wriggles within the net. The drawstring is usually staked into the ground next to the rabbit hole. OK, that is how I believe it works, but I am sure that someone will put me right.

Net For Storage Solutions

The Purse Net also makes a great net for storage solutions. When you make the Purse Net, you can hang it on a wall and then the net can be used as a form of storage. This net is really great in kids bedrooms as a storage for soft toys!

Net Making Book
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Netting Needles - Sometimes when you purchase these, they do need a little rub down with sand paper. Sometimes there is some rough casting residue to remove.
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Netting Twine
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