Portuguese Bowline

Portuguese Bowline

How Many Bowline Knot Variations are There?

Since writing this post I have a separate section on the Different Bowlines.

on my journey into learning knots, I always seem to come across new Bowline Knots. This got me thinking, how many Bowline variants are there in the world? When I search the Knotting Index of this site, there are 15 references to the Bowline. OK some are repeated and not all are listed under “B” but even so I there as still many of them.

Portuguese Bowline

How to Tie the Portuguese Bowline

Anyway, lets get back on track! In this short video I will demonstrate how to tie the Portuguese Bowline. This particular Bowline has two adjustable loops. Ashley refers to this knot as making an excellent boatswains chair, should one be required in an emergency. The idea is that someone can sit in one of the loops and then the other loops is used to support that persons back. However, I think health and safety would certainly not allow this to happen today!

Also in Ashley’s he refers to the Portuguese Bowline as being a sailor’s knot, yet at the time it appeared not to be well known amongst English Speaking sailors.

How to Tie the Portuguese Bowline Video

In this video, you will learn how to tie the Portuguese Bowline.

What is the Portuguese Bowline used for?

There may be times when you need two loops on the end of a line to lift a load. However, with the Portuguese Bowline, it is worth remembering that the two loops are not independent. So prior to using the Portuguese Bowline, understand the knots structure and capabilities. Ashley’s Book of Knots also states that the Portuguese Bowline can be used as a makeshift Bosun’s Chair.


Portuguese Bowline — 2 Comments

  1. I appreciate your video.

    I was in a fire department technical rescue team. We were taught the French bowline and bowline on a bight. Either could be used for a hasty harness seat; especially if no commercial harness or webbing were available.

    I have to admit I had neither heard of nor seen a Portuguese bowline until now.

    Thank you,

    • I personally find that I have a selection of go to knots that I use constantly, then just when I think nothing is better, along comes one that replaces another one. Thanks for taking the time to view and also make a comment, very much appreciated.

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