Cow Hitch – Pedigree Cow Hitch – Cow Hitch Variant

Cow Hitch

How to Tie the Cow Hitch

The Cow Hitch, is also known as: Deadeye hitch, Running eye, Lark’s head, Lark’s foot, Girth hitch, Ring hitch, Lanyard hitch, Tag Knot, Bale Sling hitch, Baggage Tag Loop, Cow hitch.

The cow hitch really is one of the simplest knots to learn. However as a secure knot, if there is tension on both ends of the rope, then it is secure. However, if there is weight on only one of the ends of rope, then it can be prone to slipping. This can be prevented by adding a half hitch on the non loaded end of rope. Alternatively the Pedigree Cow Hitch will help to make the cow hitch even more secure. For additional security the Cow Hitch Variant, can be used.

Cow Hitch

You will find that once you have learnt this knot, you will see it being used in many different applications. Often used in a looped piece of rope, such as a barrel sling, camera lens cap attachment etc.

Cow Hitch Video Tutorial

In this video you will learn not only how to tie the Cow Hitch, but also how to tie it off to make this a more secure knot.

Pedigree Cow Hitch

When tying the Cow Hitch, usually both ends coming from the knot should be used to take the weight. In some cases when only one rope is being pulled, the Cow Hitch can slip or fail. So if you want to tie this simple knot and just pull on one rope, then maybe the Pedigree Cow Hitch is the solution that you need.

Pedigree Cow Hitch



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