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Marlin Spike Rope Ladder

How to Make an Easy Rope Ladder

The video below only shows how to attach the rungs to a rope ladder. Probably the simplest way would be to centre a piece of rope and pass it over a branch and tie it off using a cow hitch or the Bale Sling Hitch. In the photo below the middle yellow cordage would be the best option for doing this. There is also a video here: How to Tie a Cow Hitch

Cow Hitch – Pedigree Cow Hitch – Cow Hitch Variant
Cow Hitch – Pedigree Cow Hitch – Cow Hitch Variant

DIY Rope Ladder

Once you have your rope tied around, say the branch of a tree. You should not have two lengths of rope to work with. The next thing that you will need are some sturdy round bits of wood that can be used as rungs for the rope ladder.

The next thing that you will need to do is attach the wooden rungs to the ropes. This is very easily done by use of the Marlin Spike Hitch. In the Rope Ladder Video, I will show you two different ways of tying the Marlin Spike Hitch. After each rung is attached to the rope ladder, ensure that the Marlin Spike hitch is nice and snug against the wooden rung. The rungs of the rope ladder are easily adjusted by gently teasing the Marlin Spike Hitch upward or downward.

WARNING: One problem with this DIY Rope Ladder, is that when there is no weight on the Marlin Spike Hitches, they can easily work loose. So prior to climbing this sort of rope ladder, ensure that all the knots and rungs are nice and firmly in place.

Marlin Spike Hitch Rope Ladder

How to Make Simple Rope Ladder Video

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