Tying a Metal Thimble into a Rope for Fishing Magnet

Metal Thimble & Poachers Noose

I was recently contacted by someone who was having a bit of an issue with their fishing magnet. The rope attached to his magnet was starting to fray. If you don’t know what a fishing magnet is, well it is basically a magnet tied to the end of a rope. The whole idea is that the magnet is thrown into the water with the rope attached and then pulled back onto land. If there are any metal object near to the magnet as it is pulled back, the magnet should attract the object and hey presto you may have found some treasure.

In this short video I show how the magnet can be attached to a rope using a metal thimble (some people may prefer to use a nylon thimble). The knot used in the video is the Scaffold Knot or the Poachers Noose Knot.

Float Rope and Thimbles can be obtained here:

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