Water Bowline

Water Bowline

How to Tie the Water Bowline

If you can tie a Bowline, then tying the Water Bowline is the same with just one extra little step. From what I understand the term Water Bowline came about as this particular Bowline is tied when the rope is wet and slippery. The forming of a second loop when tying the Water Bowline, creates a Clove Hitch, giving the Water Bowline additional security. It is also less likely to shake loose when the loop is unloaded. You may also be interested in this post, How to Tie the Bowline. You will not only learn how to tie the Bowline, but also different and fast ways of tying the Bowline.

What is the Water Bowline Used For?

ABoK goes on to say: If a Bowline is to be towed through the water a second Half Hitch may be added. Wet knots are apt to jam, and the extra hitch lessens this tendency. We all know that the Bowline is a good secure loop knot to tie, but with the Water Bowline, there is an added additional bit of security.

How to Tie the Water Bowline Video

In this How to Tie the Water Bowline Tutorial, you will be guided through the process of tying the bowline.

Water Bowline Video Tutorial

In this video you will only see how to tie the Water Bowline. There is less chat than the video above and you will also see how to tie the Water Bowline in slow motion.

What are Your Experiences of the Water Bowline

If you use the Water Bowline on a regular basis, I would love to hear what you use it for. It would also be interesting to hear how the Water Bowline compares to the Bowline or other loop knots that you use. Do leave me a comment below.


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