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Rolling Hitch — 3 Comments

  1. Okay, your first, above, “rolling hitch ’round a pole”, is the same knot as the one you call “tautline hitch” in your video on the midshipman’s hitch. It is the knot I’d tie to a spar.

    Your 2nd, above, “rolling hitch ’round a rope”, is a different knot, identical to the midshipman’s hitch you tied in the video.

    So, the names got mixed up, I believe by the Boy Scouts, ’round ’54, I think.

    I don’t know which should be which. The midshipman’s hitch is not ambiguous, and the version I would use ’round another line.

    I believe the version round a pole was originally the rolling hitch.

    Also, and I really should’ve commented on the video, when you describe the midshipman’s hitch, and how it holds, even before your final 1/2 hitch (so long as you maintain tension on the working end), what you have is called an “awning hitch”.

    Thanks for your time and videos.

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