Rolling Hitch

Rolling Hitch

How to Tie the Rolling Hitch

I thought that I knew how to tie the rolling hitch! Well, that was till I wanted to investigate if further for my video tutorial. I soon found that that there are a few variations of the Rolling Hitch. I also found out that the rolling hitch also used to be called the Magnus Hitch.

A Rolling Hitch is a simple friction hitch that is used to attach a rope to a stanchion, pole or another rope. Depending on the object that you are attaching the Rolling Hitch to, will depend on how it is tied.

Rolling Hitch on a Spar

How to Tie a Rolling Hitch to a Pole

The first version of the Rolling Hitch is probably the simplest of all three versions and this is where a rope is attached to a pole. It really does look like a Clove Hitch with an extra turn at the beginning. In the video tutorial this procedure will be made clear.

Rolling Hitch ABoK 1734
Rolling Hitch ABoK 1734

Tying a Rolling Hitch to a Rope

This is slightly more complicated as the first two turns are passed over the standing end of the rope. Then the Rolling Hitch is finished in the same way as the one above.

Rolling Hitch ABoK 1735
Rolling Hitch ABoK 1735

How to Tie the Magnus Hitch

When tying the Magnus Hitch the hitch is started in the same way as the Rolling Hitch to a Pole, however, the final hitch is created so that the working end emerges from the Magnus Hitch in the same direction as the standing end.

Magnus Hitch ABoK 1736
Magnus Hitch ABoK 1736

How secure is the Rolling Hitch?

One thing to ensure is that the Rolling Hitch of Magnus Hitch is dressed up nice and tight to start with. It has also been said that in modern slippery rope the Rolling Hitch needs to be treated with caution when used under various conditions. In which case friction hitches with more turns and complexity may be more desirable.

How to Tie the Rolling Hitch Video Tutorial

In this video you will learn not only how to tie the Rolling Hitch, but three variations of the Rolling Hitch including the Magnus Hitch.


Rolling Hitch — 3 Comments

  1. Okay, your first, above, “rolling hitch ’round a pole”, is the same knot as the one you call “tautline hitch” in your video on the midshipman’s hitch. It is the knot I’d tie to a spar.

    Your 2nd, above, “rolling hitch ’round a rope”, is a different knot, identical to the midshipman’s hitch you tied in the video.

    So, the names got mixed up, I believe by the Boy Scouts, ’round ’54, I think.

    I don’t know which should be which. The midshipman’s hitch is not ambiguous, and the version I would use ’round another line.

    I believe the version round a pole was originally the rolling hitch.

    Also, and I really should’ve commented on the video, when you describe the midshipman’s hitch, and how it holds, even before your final 1/2 hitch (so long as you maintain tension on the working end), what you have is called an “awning hitch”.

    Thanks for your time and videos.

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