Zigzag Hitching

Zig Zag Hitching

How to Tie Zig Zag Hitching Covering Knot

The zigzag hitch or the Zig Zag hitch is mentioned in Ashley’s Book of Knots #3610. This particular knot comes under the same category as Ringbolt Hitching. Initially these types of hitching were used to protect ropes from rubbing against abraisive surfaces. However, the Zig Zag Hitch lends itself well to be a very decorative covering knot. If you wanted to create a decorative knotted handle on a hiking stick, then the Zig Zag Hitch will do a fine job.

Zig Zag Hitch Combined with 2 Turks Heads

If you are going to create a decorative ripe handle on an object, then as a suggestion create the Zig Zag Hitch over the length that you want covering. Then, put a nice Turks Head Knot over both ends of the Zig Zag Hitch to cover all the strands at the start and end of your Zig Zag Hitch.

Zig Zag Hitch Issue

I would suggest that when you first start your Zig Zag Hitch project, do a test piece with your favourite cordage. I personally found that the natural cordage that I used in the video, was not as sharp looking as I would have liked. I think that the lay of my cordage was not hard enough. I think also if I had used braided, then the effect would have been more pleasing. Almost forgot, should work well with Paracord.

Zig Zag Hitching

How to Tie Zig Zag Hitching Video

In this video I will show you how to tie the Zig Zag Hitch, but it does not show the Zig Zag Hitch being covered at both ends with a Simple Turks Head knot. You may find this post on how to tie a Turks Head useful.

Zig Zag Hitching in ABoK

In Ashley’s Book of Knots this is what he says about the Zig Zag Hitch: “

“Zigzag Hitching may be made with any number of strands, but three, four or five are ample. All are hitched in regular order, first to the left as pictured and then to the right, and so continued alternately.”

Zig Zag Hitch or Ringbolt Hitching Uses

Ringbolt Hitching or more decorative variations such as the Zig Zag Hitch not only prevented ropes from chaffing, but could also be used to for decorative purposes. Some of the uses can be found on the eyes of chest beckets and hammock clews, sometimes used on the clews of light sails, even on the eyes of block straps and ditty bag lanyards. Obviously, single hitching is the simplest form, but more decorative variations can be used also.

If you do have a copy of Ashley’s Book of Knots, then it is well worth looking at the different variations of ringbolt hitching that is available to create.

Knotting Book Recommendations

If you are looking for a good book on knotting project, I would personally recommend that you get a copy of Des Pawson’s Book which can be found here: Knotting Book Recommendations I personally would recommend that you get Des’s book first before investing in ABoK. ABoK can be rather overwhelming if you are just starting out as a knotter.

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