Grafting Underhand

Grafting Underhand

Decorative Grafting

In this particular post I concentrate on Underhand Grafting, but there are a number of other variations of using Grafting as a decorative way of covering an object with your favourite cordage. The wonderful thing about Grafting, is that it is not too difficult to do. It is also a rather quick way of covering an object, such as a hiking stick with decorative ropework.

What is Grafting?

Grafting is a form of interweaving cordage the “warp” running continuously around the object that is being covered. “Wefts” are the strands that run along the length of the object that is being covered.

How to Do Underhand Grafting

For the purpose of this tutorial on Grafting I have chosen to do Underhand Grafting. It is slightly more complicated than some of the other forms of Grafting, but thought that Underhand Grafting would be good for learning purposes.

Different Types of Grafting

The simple form of Grafting is where the warp passes alternative over and under the weft, which is similar to basic weaving technique. This can then be varied by passing the warp over two, then under two, or even more to produce a different pattern. The there is the underhand method of Grafting that I show in the video and also the photo on this page. I suppose if you use your imagination you can come up with many a different pattern.

What is Grafting Used For?

Grafting is very doecorativ often used when covering an object, such as a bell rope or maybe the handle of a hiking stick.

What Preparations are Required when Decorative Grafting?

Although Grafting is great as a decorative rope covering, it is essential to ensure that the object that is being covered with rope grafting is as flat or smooth as possible. The problem with Grafting can be that it will/can exaggerate any underlying undulations.

How to Finish Off Grafting

Like with many decorative knotting projects, once you have completed a particular section, you can be left with straggly ends. So once again the Turks Head can come to the rescue. Whenever I see a knotting project, I always think to myself, “what is that Turks Head Covering?” That is the beauty of the Turks Head, it can be used to cover lots of sins, and make the decorative look even better. Searching this site on How to Tie a Turks Head will bring up quite a few results for you.

Underhand Grafting Video

In this Grafting Video tutorial, I demonstrate how to do Underhand Grafting. I have deliberately chosen to use two different coloured lines and also two different size of line to cover my object. Once again when it comes to decorative grafting, you can experiment, not only on how you weave the cordage, but also the size and colour of your cordage.

Grafting Photos Shortages

An internet search does not bring up a huge amount of examples of Decorative Grafting. So, it looks like I will have to plan a number of projects that include various forms of grafting. Please do keep coming back, as I do update older posts also.

Submit Your Decorative Grafting Images

If you have any photos of grafting that you would like to share, then please do get in touch via the comments below and lets see if we can’t get your work included in these posts.

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