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  1. Hi! I do believe you are “Johnny Debt” on you tube? I see you have not posted any new videos for a while and wanted to reach out. I hope all is well with you (and family and friends!) because your knowledge and videos are a very important tool for my knotting/ Marlinspike work. You and Mikko Snellman are both fantastic artists and it is a pleasure to see your videos. So please let me know if all is ok and I am interested in starting a Scandinavian branch of IGKT. / Capt. Morgan

    • Hello Captain,
      All is fine here, thank you for asking, hope all is well at your end. I have not done any videos for a long time, as it became more of a chore than pleasure. I am sure that I will do some in the near future again. Good to hear that you are starting a Scandinavian branch of the IGKT. When you do start, please let me know and I will announce it socially. Kind regards, John.

        • Hello Joe
          Are you wanting to contact regarding something specific, if so I can direct you to the right person?
          Kind regards, John.

          • Hey. I’ve been trying to order a bell rope kit from mikko. He answered once and not again. I want to thank you for your videos and lessons as I’ve nearly finished one with paracord. I’d love it if you could hp me start doing more things like this

          • To be honest, you are certainly not the first to have this problem, I often get emails telling me the very same thing. I think if you are wanting to make a bell rope, then what you are looking for, is a good supplier of quality cordage. Can I just confirm that you are US, if so, I will see who you could contact in that part of the world? I would also recommend that you get a copy of Des Pawson’s book Knot Craft and Rope Mats, which is listed here: http://igkt-solent.co.uk/books/

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