Creative Ropecraft by Stuart E Grainger, Book Review

Creative Ropecraft Book Review Although this is only a rather small book, I have to say that Creative Ropecraft by Stuart E Grainger, is one of my favorite books. Sometime ago I won this book in a raffle at an … Continue reading

Bell Rope Keyring Making

Fender Keyring

Last night at the Dorset Branch of the IGKT held its monthly meeting in the Royal Dorset Yacht Club The theme for the evening was to make a decorative Bell Rope Keyring. 3 Strand Plait For most members this was … Continue reading

Decorative Lanyard with Paracord Making a

Lanyard Parcord

Fancy Lanyard I can take no credit at all for the design of this Lanyard, this is one of Des Pawson’s projects, from his book which can be purchased from this page: Des Pawson’s Knot Craft I did however follow … Continue reading

Sailors Whisk

Sailors Whisk

Sailors Swab or Whisk In Des Pawson’s Knot Craft, Des mentions that Sailors would swab the decks using giant swabs made from old rope. Also scaled down versions were made to wash dishes and also used as hand sweepers to … Continue reading