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  1. How do I determine the length of rope needed to make a cargo net 8ftx8ft with loops for the lifting hasp be 3ft long? Or if meters is easier 3mx3m with 1m hasp loops? Expecting to use 550 paracord. 2.5in square

    Ps. Loved the fish net making tutorial. Going to give it a go this weekend with some household cotton string then with some bank line. Would appreciate length sizing, too, if you have a formula to share; otherwise I’ll figure it out with the cheap string.

    From Texas….still part of the USA for now.

  2. Hiya, I found your video while looking for ideas to make rat toys and bridges. I was wondering if you had a video on how to continue the crown knot to make a full cargo net. From the crown knot video I can work out how to continue the width of a net but how do I add to the length, would I just add another 2 red ropes and feed the yellow down them all? Hope that makes sense. Great video and easy to follow. Thanks.

    • Oh the dreaded cargo net!! As of yet I have not been able to make a video on the cargo net. Reading your post, I now wish I had a pet that required a rope bridge. You might also want to have a look at net making, as you can use some fairly largish diameter cord using the single knot method. If you can please drag and drop a photo of you rat/toys here:

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