Halyard Hitch

Halyard Hitch

How to Tie the Halyard Hitch

The Halyard Hitch is a very simple and secure knot to learn an tie. In the video below, you will learn how to tie the Halyard Hitch.

What is the Halyard Hitch Used for?

The knot itself is used for attaching to such things as ladders, tools and also of course the Halyard on a flag pole.

The Halyard Hitch itself is not actually mentioned in Ashley’s book of knots by name. However, on page 316 number 1912 and 1913, there is a variation of this knot.

The Halyard Hitch looks rather similar to the Poachers Noose Or Scaffold Knot, However, the halyard hitch cannot be used as a noose knot, the knot itself has to remain tight around an object, as the working end is held in place and thereby preventing it from coming undone. Also this knot can become rather difficult to untie if it has been under load.

Halyard Hitch Origen

I did read somewhere that the halyard hitch came from the words to “haul yards”, not sure how true this is, but rather interesting nonetheless.

How to Tie the Halyard Hitch Video

Here is a brief video tutorial on how to tie the Halyard hitch.

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