Net Making Knots Close-up

Net Making Knots

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Two Net Making Knots I Use

When I first started Net Making, I used to use the sheet bend method of tying the mesh. However, I found that sometime when I used this method for net making, I found that sometime my net came out crooked and wrong. I really did not know why, it appeared that some of the knots just kept on slipping. Eventually, Dave Warlow hinted at what I was doing wrong and also showed me the double lock method. Both of which are shown in this video, also in close up so that you can see where I used to go wrong.

Natural and Coloured Nets
Natural and Coloured Nets

Sometimes, I have received comments asking why I use the double lock method over the sheet bend method. Well for me, but double lock method prevented the slipknot forming at the bottom of the mesh. So I think if you are starting out in net making, the double lock method gives you less of an opportunity to mess up your net. With a bit of practice the sheet bend method can quite quickly been mastered, providing you pinch the netting twine in the correct place.

Adding More Twine for Net Making

When you run out of twine and want to add more, or if you get to the point where you want to change the colour of your net, you will need to add more twine. I find that in a lot of twine you can use the Weaver’s Knot or the Sheet Bend. They are the same knot, they are just tied differently. When you have your twine, start off using the Weaver’s Knot or the Sheet Bend. Shake it, pull it, push it etc. If it holds tight then that will do the job. However, if you feel as though you could do with extra security, then why not try the Surgeon’s Knot or the Ligature Knot? Here you can learn How to Tie the Surgeon’s Knot.

How to Tie the Weaver Knot

Knot Mistake to Avoid When Making a Net

This brief little video demonstrates the 2 knots that I use and also show the mistake that I was constantly making. Once you see the mistake that I was making when making fishing nets, you too will never make the same mistake again. Just one little false move you end up with a dreader slip knot rather than a tight knot that locks the fishing net mesh in place:

Net Making for Beginners

If you are just starting out and learning how make a fishing net or shaped purse net, then you may also be interested in this post Net Making For Beginners Here you will learn how to make your own fishing net or purse net.

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Net Making Knots Close-up — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Mr. Johnny, I have seen the Simple Simon Bend Under used in net making but you have not talked about it… ¿have you experimented with it?.

    When netting I remember “1,2,1” or “Left, Both, Rigth”.

  2. Hi. I am from South Africa. Please assist with knots using standard nylon rope. I always battle with it as it is very slippery and does not bind properly. I always have to melt the end to prevent it from pulling loose. The rope you use is great but not always available and much more expensive. Will really appreciate. Many people are battling with my problem.

    • Is it still slipping when you use the double knot method? Thanks for taking the time to view and also make a comment, very much appreciated.

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