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Turks Head Bights Leads Passes — 3 Comments

  1. I am having a difficult time understanding how to calculate the number of Bights, Leads and Passes I neeed (or want) to cover a cylinder shape such as a staff. I base my calulations on the length and diameter of the staff or walking cane I wish to cover. In thepast I have used the printable templates to cover the sufface of my staff and follow the lines. It sorta works but, I want to be able to correctly figure how many feet of cord I need, etc. and do the job aas a true artistian. Can you recconded a tutorial. I read yoour arrticle, “What Does Bights Leads and Passes Refer to on a Turks Head?”. I still do not understand how to figure out how calculate the number of passses around the staff in ratio to the overall lenght, etc. As I say, the “cheat shetts” methode sometimes works but, I like to be able to tie as it should be done – traditionally. Thanks for your very informativve website! Respectfully, Will

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