Blackwall Hitch

Blackwall Hitch

Blackwall Hitch and Double Blackwall Hitch

When I first came across the Blackwall Hitch, I really wondered if this particular hitch could actually do a task? First of all I tied the Blackwall around a hook and just tried to pull it apart with both hands. The Blackwall Hitch remained locked fast. I then thought that maybe I could overcome it with additional weight.

So off I trotted into the back garden and slung my hook over my steel girder that holds my ships bell. Once again I tied the single Blackwall Hitch around the hook and then swung off the rope. I was amazed that such a simple hitch could actually hold the weight of a fat knacker like me!

Tying the Blackwall Hitch onto a Crane Hook

Well having done my limited tests as detailed above, I can see why this hitch was used to attach loads to a crane hook. The Blackwall Hitch is just so easy to tie and then when the lift is complete, the hitch almost falls off the hook.

I would say that due to the fact that once the load is off the hitch, this is what can make using the hitch a possible accident waiting to happen! If you are going to use the Blackwall Hitch, I would seek advice prior to using it.

Parts of a Hook

During the course of researching this knot, I also discovered what the various parts of my hook are called. So if you are a little nerdy like me, you may enjoy this photo that I made up:

Parts of a Hook

Parts of a Hook

How to Tie the Blackwall Hitch

Attaching a Load onto a Crane

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