Cargo Net

Making a Cargo Net

Making a Rope Cargo Net or a Climbing Net

Unfortunately in the video below, I demonstrate how to use the 2 Strand Crown Knot or Japanese Crown Knot to make a few meshes of a cargo net. I am still working out how to make a climbing net from start to finish.

In the video I show how to use a two strand crown knot, but I have also seen a cargo knot made with the Carrick Bend and also the Sheet Bend. In the near future I hope to demonstrate both these processes also.

Making a Climbing Net

So far the best description that I have seen for making a cargo net is shown here:

Home Made Cargo Net - Romana Vokalovah

Home Made Cargo Net – Romana Vokalovah

The above is an example of a net using the the crown technique.

Obviously it is my intention to follow the instructions shown on Animated Knots and produce a full length video on making a complete cargo net.

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