Cargo Net

Making a Cargo Net

Making a Rope Cargo Net or a Climbing Net

Unfortunately in the video below, I demonstrate how to use the 2 Strand Crown Knot or Japanese Crown Knot to make a few meshes of a cargo net. I am still working out how to make a climbing net from start to finish.

In the video I show how to use a two strand crown knot, but I have also seen a cargo knot made with the Carrick Bend and also the Sheet Bend. In the near future I hope to demonstrate both these processes also.

Making a Climbing Net

So far the best description that I have seen for making a cargo net is shown here:

Home Made Cargo Net - Romana Vokalovah

Home Made Cargo Net – Romana Vokalovah

The above is an example of a net using the the crown technique.

Cargo Net Construction

I recently came across these instructions by who kindly gave me permission to use them on this website. To view the full pdf document please click on A Guide to Net Making

Cargo Net Construction

Cargo Net Construction

Obviously it is my intention to follow the instructions shown on Animated Knots and produce a full length video on making a complete cargo net.

Cargo Net Knot Video

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Cargo Net — 3 Comments

  1. How do I determine the length of rope needed to make a cargo net 8ftx8ft with loops for the lifting hasp be 3ft long? Or if meters is easier 3mx3m with 1m hasp loops? Expecting to use 550 paracord. 2.5in square

    Ps. Loved the fish net making tutorial. Going to give it a go this weekend with some household cotton string then with some bank line. Would appreciate length sizing, too, if you have a formula to share; otherwise I’ll figure it out with the cheap string.

    From Texas….still part of the USA for now.

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