Adjustable Grip Hitch

Adjustable Grip Hitch







How to tie the Adjustable Grip Hitch

Adjustable Grip Hitch – Setting up a ridgeline for a Tarpaulin or Awning is really easy when using the Adjustable Grip Hitch. As this knot is fully adjustable and locks in position when tensioned! Easy to tie and undo, so #LetsGetKnotting

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Adjustable Grip Hitch Video

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Adjustable Grip Hitch — 2 Comments

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  2. I would like to hear your thoughts on the “Grapple Hitch”. I learned it from the following website

    I’ve used the grapple hitch in soft 3-strand and it held very well but have yet to test it with more modern ropes. And a very big “Thank You!” for all the videos and the index of knots on this website. I do appreciate the time and energy spent.

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