Bowline in a Bight

How to Tie the Bowline in a Bight

The Bowline on the Bight is tied in the bight or middle of a line, usually when both ends are inaccessible and when the strain is expected to come from both standing parts. It makes a good line sling, or boatswains chair, because the doubled loop is more comfortable to sit in than a single loop.

Bowline in a Bight

When tying a Bowline on a Bight, care should be taken to ensure that the correct loop is passed round over the two standing ends. Ensure that you check the security of the Bowline on a Bight prior to using in a real life scenario. It is possible to use the wrong loop and you and up with a dangerous knot.

Double Bowline in a Bight

The Bowline in a Bight is also known as the Double Bowline in a Bight, this is due to the two fixed loops that are created when tying the Bowline in a Bight. I can not be sure why Double was dropped from the name of this particular Bowline.

How to Tie a Bowline on the Bight Video

In the first video on how to tie a Bowline in the Bight, there is more chat and interaction with the viewer.

How to Tie Bowline in a Bight Just the Knot No Chat

As the title says just how to tie the Bowline in a Bight without loads of chat with it.


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